Coach Bo - Founder

Boris Boundjia (Coach Bo), a former player at the
nationally ranked Stoneridge Prep and a former NCAA Division II basketball player at Salem Interna-tional University, founded Grind 2 Shine. During his basketball career, Boris played alongside several
high profile basketball players such as NBA player Nikola Vucevic (USC, Orlando Magic), J.P. Oluke-mi (Oklahoma State), Arthur Bouedo (Wyoming,Pro A), Brill Kamen (San Jose State) etc. Boris also trained with Coach Pete Strobl, a well-known basketball skills trainer, at The Scoring Factory in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2012, he moved to Los Angeles to turn his pas-sion for basketball and leadership into a profession.Coach Bo has grown

Grind 2 Shine from the ground Coach Bo - Founder from the ground up. He has trained a lot of talent in Ventura County and many professional players overseas. Since the travel team program began, all of his 14U players made it onto their respec-tive High School Basketball teams, an accomplishment of which Coach Bo is very proud. He is often referred to as the “basketball whisperer” because when he trains and coaches, he chooses not to yell at his players; he is soft spoken but nonetheless, heard. His players, many of which come from Oak Park High, Royal High, Simi Valley High, Westlake High, Thousand Oaks High, Chaminade, and Moorpark High, look up to him. Coach Bo believes that the same rules of basketball apply to life and it is clear in his approach with his players; hard work and persistence are the keys to success.

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