Doc Merrick, CRC Basketball

“I had the pleasure to watch Boris as a player and was always impressed by his intense desire to improve his game both physically and mentally. Early on, he understood that the mental aspects of the game are in some ways a greater deterrent to successful player development than physical skills. In addition, Boris had the ability to take younger players under his wing and help speed their progress.

“As a former player in the United States and Europe, Boris has a unique perspective of basketball skill development. His infectious enthusiasm and knowledge of the game translates well with young and experienced players. Boris has the ability to identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses and improve all aspects of his/her game in part by his meticulous attention to detail. If you are interested in maximizing your basketball talent, I recommend Boris without reservation and with unqualified confidence.”

Doc Merrick is the Executive Director of the Cancer Research Classic (CRC), the nation’s premier high school basketball tournament.