Grind 2 Shine training sessions are designed to take players back to the basic fundamentals of basketball, helping them build a powerful foundation and master essential skills that will help them to succeed at any level.

Coach Bo believes that minute details often mark the difference between average and high-level players, and G2S is focused on helping each player refine their game through acute and meticulous personal attention.

Every single training session is unique, incorporating a wide variety of drills and activities including:

  • Shooting

  • Passing

  • Ball-handling

  • Footwork

  • Defensive Skills

  • Strength Training

  • Conditioning

In addition, G2S recognizes that it takes far more than just skills to be a successful basketball player.

The training strongly emphasizes mental development, including leadership skills, teamwork, confidence and positivity, as well as helping players expand their knowledge of the game and develop a high basketball IQ.

Through his innovative approach to training, Coach Bo strives to maximize each player’s potential, helping them become the best player, and person, they can be.

Our training sessions are currently held in Simi Valley.

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